Still-life with nectarines and plastic ~ 2019  
​One of a new series of paintings about plastic waste -  a subject I get very worked up about. I have tried to make the packaging  an integral part of the composition, suggesting that there isn't a straightforward solution to the problem.

This work was commissioned in 2016 for a new medical centre in Ipswich: a painting 3ft by 4ft. Details of the picture were enlarged, printed onto vinyl and attached to architectural features in the building.

Mark receiving his award from Hugh Casson's daughter, Nicky Hessenberg and Christopher Lebrun, President of the RA.

Artist and Illustrator

Tide Mill Crossing, Woodbridge (No. 2) 2020
This is one of a series of recent paintings of my home town. See Gallery page for more.


There aren't any - they've all been cancelled!

Mock Tudor
​This work, which was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018, was awarded the prestigious Hugh Casson Drawing Prize, worth £5000.

During the coronavirus lockdown I have been unable to go out and paint, so I have stayed in and painted. This is a study for a picture I am working on from my front bedroom window, looking down into the street. It's not something I would normally have considered as a subject, but I was struck by how this familiar scene has changed: the lack of cars, the number of people walking, cycling and jogging, and chatting from a safe distance. Above all I'm struck by the light - day after day of consistent sunshine makes painting easier, and such strong light too, due to the lack of pollution in the air! I've runout of canvasses so I'm painting it on a piece of plywood.
​ Watch this space for the end result!