This work was commissioned in 2016 for a new medical centre in Ipswich: a painting 3ft by 4ft. Details of the picture were enlarged, printed onto vinyl and attached to architectural features in the building.

During the coronavirus lockdown I was unable to go out and paint, so I  stayed in and painted. This is the result -  painted from my front bedroom window, looking down into the street. It's not something I would normally have considered as a subject, but I was struck by how this familiar scene had changed: the lack of cars, the number of people walking, cycling and jogging, and chatting from a safe distance. Above all I was struck by the light - day after day of consistent sunshine made painting easier, and such strong light too, due to the lack of pollution in the air. I've run out of canvasses so I painted it on a piece of plywood .It has been published in our local newspaper, on the lookout for news of unusual things people have been doing during lockdown
The scene has changed since I finished the picture - more cars ,fewer walkers - more like how it was before lockdown. Already it has become a record of the past, which I look back on with mixed feelings.

Artist and Illustrator

Mark receiving his award from Hugh Casson's daughter, Nicky Hessenberg and Christopher Lebrun, President of the RA.

Still-life with nectarines and plastic ~ 2019  
​One of a new series of paintings about plastic waste -  a subject I get very worked up about. I have tried to make the packaging  an integral part of the composition, suggesting that there isn't a straightforward solution to the problem.

Tide Mill Crossing, Woodbridge (No. 2) 2020
This is one of a series of recent paintings of my home town. See Gallery page for more.

Mock Tudor
​This work, which was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018, was awarded the prestigious Hugh Casson Drawing Prize, worth £5000.

UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS:  ​There aren't any - they've all been cancelled!