This work was commissioned for a new medical centre in Ipswich: a painting 3ft by 4ft. Details of the picture were enlarged, printed onto vinyl and attached to architectural features in the building.

This is a recent work called 'The Waiting Room'. I have not painted large scale, multiple figure compositions before, so I made a lot of preparatory studies and borrowed friends as models for the figures. The interior is made up: it isn't intended to be a specific place, but rather a symbol for all the times and places in their lives that the viewers of this work have waited - perhaps for a decision which will change their lives: a job interview, the result of a medical tests, an application for asylum, a court case. The viewer can supply his or her own interpretation. It could even be waiting for Judgement Day.

I am now an associate member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art. Founded in 1919, the Society promotes fine drawing skills in both traditional and contemporary media. It has more than 160 elected members and holds an annual open exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London and also regional, members-only exhibitions.

​Have a look at the website:

Mock Tudor
​This work, which was selected for the Royal
​ Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018, was awarded the prestigious Hugh Casson Drawing Prize, worth £5000.

Mark receiving his award from Hugh Casson's daughter, Nicky Hessenberg and Christopher Lebrun, President
​ of the RA.

Upcoming Exhibitions

​I have recently become a member of the Suffolk Group. Take a look at their website

I am exhibiting with the Ipswich Art Society at their Annual Open Exhibition at St Clements Arts Centre, Ipswich.
​The exhibition runs from Saturday 4th May to Saturday 15th June

The Bowling Green, Woodbridge  2022
This is one of a series of recent paintings of my home town. Some have been made into greetings cards for sale in Woodbridge shops. See Gallery page for more.

Artist and Illustrator

Still-life with orange and plastic ~ 2020  
This work was awarded the East of England regional prize in The Discerning Eye open exhibition in 2021.
It is one of a new series of paintings about plastic waste -  a subject I get very worked up about. I have tried to make the packaging  an integral and attractive part of the composition, suggesting that there isn't a straightforward solution to the problem. See the other paintings in this series on my Gallery page.